Hello everyone,

I am back with my next blog to share little more things,

In this blog i will be writing about some more points which we really need to know if you are really passionate to do something in life!!!!!


The reason behind writing few more points about failure (even though i have written little in previous blogs) is that most of us are really scared of it and also we try to avoid people when we encounter with this……

According to me,

Failure is not when you fall or when you were not able to achieve success in first attempt, but unfortunately people have started recognizing it as failure when ever you were not able to achieve success in first attempt.

You will be a failure when you give up , not when you fall” , this is called as real failure …….

People will be waiting to pull your legs with all the possible energy they have , but you should be like an arrow from the bow which goes back for some extent and makes such a comeback that no one can stop until it reaches where it want to… 

Even if someone tries to stop that arrow you know that harm is for the one who wants to stop , not for the arrow.

So always make a strong comeback when you go back…..!!!!! 


When i hear the word fear the first thing which will come into my mind is shadow.

Why i am mentioning about shadow is that , our shadow is always bigger than us and it looks more scary as well but do u think , will that shadow affect you in any kind????

once you ask this question to yourself!!!! then you will surely come to know that it just creates an illusion of scariness but really it has nothing to do with you.


I am 100% sure, you have the thought that you have to achieve something in life.

Each and every person in this world has his/her goals or ambitions in their life.

I want to ask you one question right now that is ,


I know your answer would be YES, don’t tell NO because nobody in this world want to be unsuccessful , in one or the other way they want to achieve success.

Then what is that really stopping you to go towards it???

Then my answer would be , nothing is stopping you to go towards your goals ,

It is you who is not coming out of your comfort zones to makes your goals or ambitions true.

It is you who is not planning anything to go towards it.

It is you who is not taking any actions to go towards it.

It is you who is blaming everything thing possible for that matter .

It is you who is giving all the possible reasons and excuses which is stopping you.

And finally ,

It is you who will end up doing nothing later blaming yourself for doing nothing.

The only solution for all these is that , first come out of your comfort zones and go all out to make you ambitions true , no matter how hard it is!!!!!.

Remember one thing , “The output will never change when there is no change in the input”.

If you are doing nothing and chanting success success success…. it wont come behind you , for that you need to put your efforts . It will be like “Expecting the money in your bank account without depositing money in that!!!” , come on nobody will come and give you success like a birthday gift or a marriage gift … It is you who has to put efforts to achieve that.

Success can be termed as result of the efforts and hard work.


When i see this word i remember lot of people who tell “I don’t have time” as if they are the busiest person in the world or they are the prime minister or president of a nation or something like that.

I can say this is the only thing in the world which is equally distributed to every person , no matter who he/she is….. Yes or NO??? think yourself!!!!

Dr.APJ Abdul kalam , Sir M Vishweshwaraiah , Sachin Tendulkar , Saina Nehwal , P V Sindhu , Narayan Murthy and many more … are they successful in life???

Yes right,

Do the people who are successful in life are given 48 hours per day??? and you have been given with 24 hours per day!!!! Is it so????

Each and every individual on this earth is given with 24 hours a day!!!!!

Then how come only few people are successful , it is just because they did different things from others and they utilized the time properly which makes them to be there on the top and others to be there where they are.

“If you don’t respect your time and start playing with time then time starts playing with your life.”

“If you don’t build you dreams then others will use you to build their dreams”.

Keep in your mind that “Age doesn’t define success “.(You need not to be 40+ years of age to be a successful person.)

Thank you for your time and interest to read the blog patiently which is very much important in life which i will be writing in my next blog.

Once again thank you and i hope you got something new from this blog.

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Lessons Learnt from i3 (part 2)

Hello everyone,
Welcome back for the next blog of the lessons that i learnt in i3.
Before writing the next lessons i would like to highlight the lessons that i have mentioned in part 1 :
Life is full of challenges , never step back once you accept it.
Importance of time.
Immediate application of thoughts & plans.
Life gives you difficulties, but show the difficulties that you are even more difficult to tackle.
The next set of lessons are :
Crush your “EGO”:
We can say that the biggest problem with today’s youth is that most of them have this X factor called as EGO which will never let you grow in your life at any cost!!!!
This is the main thing which will stop you growing further in your life ….no matter how much ever skilled you are.
Always be down to earth” is what all the successful people will tell and follow as well.
The problem with the EGO is that it never allows you to accept your mistakes instead makes you to defend yourself as right , as a result even though you know you were wrong you were not ready to accept the wrong and never learn the right things which clearly shows that your learning is always hindered rather than growing , that is why i would say EGO as End of Growth Opportunity.
Always give your 100% :
This is one such quality almost all the industries look for in a particular individual. Be it professional or be it personal matters, at the end of the day we need to be happy or content or satisfied for ourselves what we are!!!.
According to the research which i read recently it is the fact that 95% of the people in the world go to bed without satisfaction, there are so many rich people in the world who don’t have a peace of mind even if they have lot of money. Money may not be the solution for everything in the life. Remember my dear friends whenever you give your 100% in which ever work you do , you will go to bed with complete satisfaction thinking that i have done the best possible from my side.
I will give the examples with which you will come to know that how important it is to learn the skill of getting rejected and facing the failures.
J.K. Rowling , author of “HARRY POTTER” was rejected by about 12 different publishers.
Amitabh Bachchan was rejected by All India Radio.
The then radio announcer, Ameen Sayani, couldn’t interview Amitabh Bachchan, mainly due to a lack of time. The ‘Big B’ finally gave up and made his way to Bollywood and the rest, as they all say, is history.
Sachin Tendulkar was rejected by Dennis Lillee when he wanted to become a fast bowler.
Not a bowler? That’s all right. I’ll just become the greatest batsman the sport has ever seen.
Even Steve jobs is there in this list and many more successful people.
And the best example for facing the failures would be knowing about Sir Thomas Alva Edison (inventor of BULB).
He failed 1000 times before he actually succeeded in inventing the bulb.
There is nothing wrong in failing , if we take Thomas alva edison only we can observe that he would have failed 1000 times before inventing the bulb , but people please do notice that now he knows 1000 ways in which a bulb can not be made. Every failure teaches you something new and makes you a better person and keeps you moving forward towards SUCCESS.
Failing again and again is not a problem but every time you fail, fail in a better way than the previous failure.
And remember that failing is not an offence or a crime to feel guilty rather i would say it as First Attempt In Learning (FAIL).
Today is the tomorrow that you were worried about yesterday:
Stop worrying about tomorrow & make your today the BEST DAY of life.. because every day is a fresh day for the journey of the rest of the life!!!!.
Learn to grab the opportunities when it is there.
Create the opportunities , don’t wait for opportunities to come at you.
Education is not the preperation for life , rather education is life itself.
A big thanks from my side for having your time to read this and I promise to give my best in all of my blogs.
Comments and suggestions are welcomed for any improvements.


Lessons Learnt from i3 (part 1)

Hello everyone,

My name is Achyuth.S.R , persuing computer science engineering in K.S.Institute of Technology.

The main purpose of writing this blog is to share some strongest lessons for life which I have learnt through an amazing platform called as “i3”(Influence Inspire Impact) through which thousands of youth have seen a drastic change in their life that too within a short period of time i would say.

I am absolutely sure that it would be a jaw dropping moment for you if you get to know the stories of youth who have been a part of this platform as a delegate.

In the days where a person who is graduated with a degree cannot speak confidently about himself just for 5 minutes, this platform is making the youth to become themselves as inspiration to others and they themselves have a story gained through the experiences that they undergo!!!!

Believe me people, it is not fake because i am the live example who has experienced it and there are examples of so many youth like me who have been part of i3.

To be honest if i go back just 1 and half year back and see myself how i was (before i3) and now how i am (after i3 coming in my life) my mind completely goes blank & i will be like …. really am i Achyuth????? or someone else…..

Now coming to the point , i would like to pendown the strongest lessons that i have learnt in i3:

Life is full of challenges , never step back once you accept it:

In the days where most of the youth are spending their parents money like water & being aimless in life & without knowing the hopes of their parents on them , i3 has thought me that “Yes, life is full of challenges , face it & know that there are some lives keeping their breath just to see you flourishing in the glory of success”.

Don’t you think this is something that today’s youth should realize about  ????

Importance of time:

Today’s youth(most of them, not everyone) are spending lot of time just by watching movies, hanging out with friends, attending parties/functions all the time.

In such situation i3 has thought me that you are not only born for such things but something better than this & made me realize the value of time.

“Time once lost will never return back even if you pay all the possible wealth present in this world”.

Immediate application of thoughts & plans:

Whenever you have important goals to acheive in life, you need to have plans and thougth process continuously running on it to accompolish your goals.

Without applying your plans into action it will be like “sowing the seed in the soil and leaving it without watering”.

Life gives you difficulties, but show the difficulties that you are even more difficult to tackle.

Like wise I have learnt many lessons in i3 which i will be sharing in my next blog.

Thank you for giving your precious time to read this blog and i am happy to accept comments and suggestions for the improvement.